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Memorial Alicia Pueyo | International Workshop

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The first Memorial Alicia Pueyo meeting took place in February 26, 2009; the second in February 24, 2012; and the third edition in February 26, 2015. The upcoming Fourth edition will take place March 12-13, 2018. This tri-annual workshop provides an ideal environment for selected, reputated investigators to share their ongoing work and present their advances as well as problems in developing understanding of brainstem gliomas.

The Memorial Alicia Pueyo is an independent, non-profit initiative of a family in support of translational research for DIPG, with the final goal of creating a real agenda for international collaboration in order to build knowledge and advancement for the cure of this terrible illness.


The main goal of this workshop is to present and discuss the latest advances in the knowledge of DIPG and the current status of the main research projects and clinical trials that are being carried out around the world.

Among others, the following aspects will be discussed: