Diagnostic Imaging in Paediatrics

Pediatric Radiology: Fetal and neonatal imaging | II Internacionals Lectures


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We are pleased to invite you to the II International Pediatric Radiology Conference at the Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Children's Hospital.

In this second edition, the program aims to integrate, from the point of view of the image, multidisciplinary assessment in the neonatal fetal transition. The conference will focus on perinatal neuroimaging.

We are fortunate to have renowned international teachers and a selection of local teachers recognized for their teaching and research skills.

A first block will focus on the introduction to the assessment of the fetal central nervous system (CNS) and brain maturation. In the second block we will discuss the role of neuroimaging as a biomarker in perinatal CNS pathology. In the third block we will approach the current approach to precision diagnosis in CNS perinatal pathology based on the neuroimaging findings. The last day will consist of an exciting update block in fetal medicine.

We hope you can enjoy and make the most of the academic program that we have prepared

Best regards!

Ignasi Barber, Mónica Rebollo and Xavier Lucaya.

Ellen Grant, International Pediatric Radiology Conference speaker

The II International Pediatric Radiology Conference will feature the presentations of the internationally recognized expert: P. Ellen Grant, director of Fetal-Neonatal Neuroimaging at the Developmental Science Center at Boston Children's Hospital and teacher of Radiology and Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School.

Ellent Grant

Aimed at

  • Medical specialists in radiology
  • Pediatrics.
  • Obstetrics.
  • Neonatology.
  • Gynecology.
  • Cardiology.
  • Radiology technicians (TSID / TER)
  • Residents.


  • Review the bases, provide relevant updates and talk about the future of pediatric imaging diagnosis.


  1. Assessment of brain maturation and CNS pathology. Perinatal neuroimaging biomarkers.
    • Barcelona International Pediatric Radiology lecture: Assessing Perinatal Neurodevelopment: Is MRI an effective Biomarker?
    • Advanced neurosonographic diagnosis of fetal CNS pathology.
    • RI semiology of fetal CNS pathology.
    • Brain maturation. Neuroimaging assessment and prognosis in the premature newborn.
  2. Role of neuroimaging in the neurocritical neonate. Assessment and prognosis. Perinatal neuroinflammation.
    • Update on the diagnostic and prognostic role of MRI in IHD.
    • Monitoring by image of the neonatal neurocritical patient. Elastography and Doppler ultrasound.
    • Cases of the multidisciplinary committee of perinatal pathology. 
  3. From syndromic diagnosis to precision diagnosis. The role of neuroimaging in 2020.
    • The perinatal phenomizer: from syndromic diagnosis to precision diagnosis.
    • Genetic approach in the diagnosis of supratentorial malformations.
    • Genetic approach in the diagnosis of infratentorial malformations.
    • Corpus callosum: "pre-postnatal correlation".
  4. Advances in fetal medicine
    • Multiparametric placental MRI and its role in perinatal pathology.
    • High precision fetal surgery: where we come from and where we are going.
    • Spinal dysraphism. Pre and postsurgical evaluation by image.
    • Cases of the multidisciplinary committee of perinatal pathology.
    • Results of the National Fetal MRI Survey.
    • Closing Remarks.


Teachings modality:

  • The online format through the zoom platform. The access link will be provided 24 hours before the start of the course.

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Key information

Address Formación Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona | Plataforma virtual [ver mapa]

Sala: Auditori Plaza

21/10/2020 - 18/11/2020
17:00 - 19:30 h | Inscripción WEBINAR
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Diagnostic Imaging in Paediatrics
Language Spanish
Teaching hours 10 h
Accreditation Requested accreditation to the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME)