Getting the right person for your team

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This course is designed to help those people who need to hire new members to their teams as part of their role of team or project manager. Successful recruitment processes are not only essential for the future of any organization; they are also an exercise in marketing to the outside world.

Aimed at

  • Principal Investigators.
  • Team leaders within Scientific Research.
  • Management/Admin staff.


The aim of this programme is to provide participants with a framework and a set of tools to use when managing a selection process. There will be given plenty of opportunity to practice key skills during each of the 2 modules. In the last session practice interviews will be held to enable participants to draw on the different tools introduced.

They will be able to establish whether a candidate meets the requirements of the role. Thought will also be given to what needs to happen afterwards at


  • Welcome and Introductions.
  • What needs to happen when a vacancy occurs?
  • Job descriptions, context, reporting lines and key relationships, main responsibilities,
  • Expected results.
  • Person specification, what are we looking for in a potential candidate?
  • Where to advertise and how.
  • Use of CV’s and application documents.
  • Preparation required for practice Interviews next week.
  • Planning the interview: How to structure, maintaining control, note taking.
  • Question Technique, Body language, listening skills.
  • Demonstration.
  • Skills practice in small groups. Share learning.
  • Organisation of triads for Practice Interviews.
  • Practice Interviews in Triads with feedback.
  • Decision making and preparation for the arrival of a new team member.
  • Induction and Mentoring.
  • Review and Conclusion.

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A virtual and highly participatory programme in the Fleming room of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Esplugues de Llobregat. Using virtual rooms, there will be a lot of small group work, including role-plays and practical exercises. The virtual platform allows for a dynamic presentation of theory, there will be space for individual reflection and a rich exchange of ideas.

Key information

Address Sala Fleming
Hospital Sant Joan de Déu
Esplugues de Llobregat 08950
21/10/2022 - 28/10/2022
21 and 28 October from 09.30hrs and 13.30hrs
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Language English
Teaching hours 8 h