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Immune dysregulation is a form of excessive response of the immune system with various manifestations such as recurrent fever, hyperinflammation, rheumatological diseases, autoimmune diseases or lymphoproliferation. It is increasingly identified in patients and seen not only in rheumatology and clinical immunology units, but also in other specialties due to the tendency for multiple organ and system involvement.

Thanks to recent scientific advances, affected patients now have more options for the diagnosis of the underlying immunopathology, as well as for treatment, with the aim of a more personalised, targeted and effective management.

This course, taught by international leaders in the field, aims to provide the most up-to-date knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with manifestations of immune dysregulation, from an interdisciplinary perspective, in order to offer them the most optimised management to improve their prognosis and quality of life.


  • To learn the latest developments in the pathophysiology of immune dysregulation and its management, both diagnostically and therapeutically, as well as highlight the importance of reference units.
  • To identify the points of collaboration between rheumatologists, clinic and laboratory immunologists in the diagnostic and therapeutic process, and highlight the importance of interdisciplinary management.
  • To be updated on the newest diagnostic techniques in immune dysregulation based on genomics, proteomics, and transcriptomicsm and to visualise where biomarker research is heading.
  • To define the latest developments in immunomodulation to explain the current therapeutic possibilities, and foresee where research in immunomodulation is heading.


  1. Advances in diagnostic approach.
    • Genomic approach of inborn errors of immunity.
    • Transcriptomic approach in immune dysregulation.
    •  Is there a practical diagnostic approach to immune dysregulation?
  2. Advances in therapeutic approach.
    • From diagnosis to therapeutic targeting of signaling pathways in primary immune regulatory disorders (PIRD).
    • From diagnosis to therapeutic targeting of cytokine in autoinflammatory and hyperinflammatory disorders.

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  • Free registration.
  • Hybrid course: Onsite (SJD Auditorum) and online (webinar).
  • The webinar link will be provided 48 hours before the start of the course.
  • The link to the recorded course will be sent to registrants after 4-6 weeks.
  • We remind you that you will have at your disposal, in the virtual classroom, the satisfaction survey that you will have to fill in in order to obtain your corresponding certificate.


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Dirección Formación Hospital Sant Joan de Déu
Carrer de Santa Rosa, 39-57
08950 Esplugues de Llobregat
Idioma Inglés
Horas lectivas 3,5 h
Acreditación National accreditation applied for from SEAFORMEC-SMPAC and international accreditation from UEMS-EACCM