ESPNIC Course of NIV for trainers in acute setting

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Working respiratory group of the Spanish Pediatric Intensive Care Society (SECIP) has developed during the last eleven years many workshops and courses for clinicians and nurses in order to spread NIV use among its members. In 2012, an European NIV course with many NIV experts, members of the ESPNIC respiratory group was started.

The main objective of this course for trainers is to recruit local NIV trainers committed to organize NIV courses in several European countries.

In order to maintain high level of quality and homogeneity among the different courses, those pediatric intensivists or anesthesiologists with clinical experience on NIV who are interested to become NIV trainers of these ESPNIC NIV courses are requested to pass this course.

This course will provide the same previous on-line theoretical basis for NIV care that is provided to the attendees of ESPNIC NIV courses. Reading Dr Medina‘s book “NIV in Pediatrics” in the previous month of the course is recommended. The second edition is available in internet for free. Third edition is available from a non-profit organization that gives support to our project of spreading NIV technique around the world.

Main chapters have to be read in order to assure that NIV trainers will be able to facilitate best knowledge during the course, even about devices currently not used in their hospitals. Afterwards, three skill stations (Pediatric, CPAP for infant/neonates, Bilevel for infants/neonates) will be prepared by the future NIV trainers in order to learn how to teach interface and ventilator‘s choice, setting modalities, parameters and respiratory monitoring. Failure analysis will also be done with interactive clinical cases during skill stations.

NIV trainers should be able at the end of the course to share with their future attendees a wide and detailed information about the majority of the material available in the market, and to develop appropriate clinical scenarios for the hands-on sessions.

Organising Committe

Dr. Martí Pons


Paediatric intensive care unit

University Hospital Sant Joan de Déu


Target audience:

Paediatric Pneumonologists

Paediatric Intensivists

Paediatric Anesthesiologists










Lunch and coffee breaks are included



Invited Faculty:


Dr Juan Mayordomo

Dr. Alberto Medina.

PICU- Hospital Central de Asturias. Spain

Dr. Martí Pons-Odena

PICUHospital Sant Joan de Déu. Barcelona. Spain

Dr Teresa Gili

PICUCorporació sanitària Parc Taulí. Sabadell. Spain



1-2st April 2016


University Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

Esplugues de Llobregat. Barcelona


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