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How we manage Retinoblastoma in 2016 | WEBCASTING

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Visualization of the lectures held at How we manage Retinoblastoma in 2016, course took place at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona on June 10 and 11, 2016

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Medical specialists in ophthalmology, pediatric oncology, basic research, biology, geneticists, nurses, parental organizations and advocacy groups


To give an updated vision brings over of the managing of the retinoblastoma in 2016 in all his aspects.

  • To spread knowledge brings over of the controversies in the basic biology of the retinoblastoma.
  • To discuss the controversies in the evaluation of the patients with retinoblastoma so much from the point of view of the extension of his disease to ocular level and extraocular.
  • To discuss the points of agreement and controversy in the conservative and systemic treatment of the retinoblastoma.
  • To put in global perspective the new developments in the managing of the retinoblastoma.


  1. Translational Research in Retinoblastoma
  2. How we evaluate children with retinoblastoma in 2016
  3. Conservative treatment of retinoblastoma in 2016
  4. Estimating the risk of extraocular relapse in retinoblastoma. Views and controversies from major groups
  5. International Initiatives


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