4th International Meeting on Childhood Tuberculosis

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The Paediatric Tuberculosis Network Europe (pTBnet) is an international network of paediatricians promoting clinical research in the field of paediatric tuberculosis, sharing and developing ideas and research protocols.

pTBnet welcomes you to the 4th International Meeting on Childhood Tuberculosis in Barcelona in February 2024. Following previous editions in Pavia (2013), Vilnius (2018) and Sofia (2021), new areas of research and clinical development have emerged with the aim of improving the care of children with TB.

This is the only international meeting that focuses exclusively on the prevention and treatment of TB in children and adolescents. Long neglected, under-diagnosed and under-reported, the importance of paediatric TB has finally been recognised in the last 15 years and important research questions are being addressed. Such research needs to be translated into policy and clinical practice changes on the ground. This meeting aims to bring together top international experts and speakers with paediatricians and other professionals involved in day-to-day paediatric TB consultations.

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Upon registration, trainees and other delegates are encouraged to present a clinical case (submit a 250-word abstract to by January 15th 2024). The 4 best cases will be selected for oral presentation during the meeting and the registration fee will be refunded to the presenting author; the rest of abstracts will be electronically displayed during coffee breaks. 


  • Discuss with the world's leading experts in paediatric tuberculosis.
  • Share ideas and projects in the context of an established research network.
  • Solve your scientific questions in a friendly and supportive learning environment.


  1. The Barcelona success story, 20 years on.
  2. Is STOP TB achievable .
  3. TB diagnostics and pathogenesis.
  4. WGS in paediatric TB.
  5. NTM infections in children.
  6. Extrapulmonary TB: bone & joint and eye disease.
  7. Post TB disease.
  8. History of TB vaccines and new models.
  9. Paediatric TB drugs PK and new formulations.
  10. MDR TB infection and disease treatments.
  11. Chest ultrasound to diagnose TB.
  12. TB in pregnancy and congenital TB. 

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  • This meeting will be hybrid, so you will have the option of either attending in person or connecting live via a video conferencing tool.
  • The webinar link will be provided 48 hours before the start of the course.
  • Through the discussion of a complex clinical case by a multidisciplinary team of experts, attendees will have the opportunity to interact, exchange knowledge and enrich their experience in clinical practice.


Rob Aarnoutse
Rob Aarnoutse
PharmD PhD. Professor, hospital pharmacist and clinical pharmacologist, working at the Department of Pharmacy at Radboud university medical center, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. His research is focused on drug treatment of tuberculosis (TB). The central concept in his work is that efficacy and toxicity of drugs are dependent on drug concentrations achieved either systemically or locally. His topics of interest are adherence, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, safety/tolerability and effectiveness of TB drugs, antiretrovirals and other anti-infective drugs. His research is performed in collaboration with colleagues in The Netherlands, Indonesia, Tanzania, South Africa and other countries.
Danilo Buonsenso
Danilo Buonsenso

Pediatrician at Gemelli University Hospital in Rome and member of the research committee of the Global Health Research Institute of Catholic University of Rome, Italy. He has a PhD in Public Health and Molecular Sciences, and a post-graduate diploma and Msc in pediatric infectious diseases at Oxford University.

He is actively involved in several national and international studies and societies in the field of pediatric infectious diseases


Pere-Joan Cardona
Pere-Joan Cardona

Chief of the Microbiology Department at the "Germans Trias i Pujol" Hospital, which is part of the Catalan Institute of Health (ICS). He also holds the position of Professor at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. With over 25 years of experience, he is a clinical microbiologist dedicated to unravelling the mechanisms underlying latent tuberculosis infection and the transition to active TB.

To advance his research efforts, Pere-Joan Cardona founded the Experimental Tuberculosis Unit at the Institute Germans Trias i Pujol (IGTP). His work has been instrumental in developing innovative "in vivo" and "in silico" experimental models, making substantial contributions to the field. Notably, his research resulted in the creation of the RUTI therapeutic vaccine and the exploration of host-directed therapies for tackling TB. Additionally, Pere-Joan Cardona has delved into the immunomodulatory properties of environmental mycobacteria, with the goal of harmonizing immune responses to combat various diseases.

Joan Cayla
Joan A. Caylà

MD, PhD. From 1994 to 2017 head of the Epidemiology Service of the Barcelona Public Health Agency (ASPB). Coordinator of the Barcelona TB Research Unit (uiTB) since 1995. Principal investigator in various national and international projects.
Author of more than 300 publications on the epidemiology of infectious diseases. President of the Barcelona TB Research Foundation (fuiTB) since 2016.

Dr. José Domínguez
José Domínguez
Institut d'Investigació Germans Trias i Pujol. Badalona. Spain
Clinical Microbiology, co-leading the research group "Innovation in respiratory infections and tuberculosis diagnosis". The group has developed several studies in the following areas: Host-pathogen interaction; Microbial interactions; Impact of external factors; Immune response characterization; and diagnostic technology innovation. He is coordinator of the European Consortium INNOVA4TB and Grant Scientific Representative of the COST Action ADVANCE-TB.
Paul Elkington
Paul Elkington
Clinician scientist studying human tuberculosis and Professor of Respiratory Medicine at the University of Southampton.  His research approach is to combine investigation of patients with cross-disciplinary research including bioengineering, immunological and microfluidic approaches.   His primary interest is mechanisms whereby tuberculosis causes lung destruction and how this knowledge can inform new interventions to control the pandemic.
Dario Garcia de Viedma
Darío Garcia de Viedma

Biologist, PhD, Univ Alcalá de Henares. Thesis on plasmid replication protein-protein interactions.
Since then, staff of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Department, Gregorio Marañón University Hospital, Institute for Health Research Gregorio Marañón, Madrid. Spain
Coordinator of the Genomic Microbiology Laboratory in this department
main activity: Molecular and genomic Epidemiology of M tuberculosis, non-tuberculous mycobacteria, SARS-CoV-2. Now starting activity on MDR nosocomial transmission of other bacteria and metagenomic diagnostics.

Sylvia LaCourse
Sylvia Lacourse
MD, MPH. Infectious Disease physician with training in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics and Associate Professor in the Departments of Medicine, Global Health and Epidemiology and Division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the University of Washington, Seattle. Her research focuses on improved tuberculosis prevention, screening, and detection with a focus on people with HIV, including pregnant people and children. She leads clinical cohorts of pregnant people and children evaluating diagnostics for latent and active TB infection as well as interventional studies evaluating TB prevention therapy including among HIV-exposed uninfected children and pregnant people with HIV. 
Carlos Martin MD, PhD.
Carlos Martin
Professor of Microbiology at the Faculty of Medicine at University of Zaragoza, Spain. He is member of the Steering Committee of TBVI, with more than 35 years of experience in mycobacterial genetics and molecular epidemiology of TB. He and his team aim to develop novel TB vaccines and vaccination strategies to improve protection against pulmonary TB. Carlos Martin team designed and constructed MTBVAC, the first and only attenuated live M. tuberculosis vaccine in clinical trials. He has published more than 167 publications cited more than 10.000 times. Dr. Martin's research has been continuously funded by National and European Research Programs in TB research since 1992.
Dr Jacquie Oliwa
Jacquie Oliwa
Paediatrician and senior health systems and implementation science researcher with over 10 years of experience in the field. She has collaborated with the Kenyan Ministry of Health and hospitals in several studies and projects that have contributed to building evidence-based guidelines and policies for sick children and adults in Kenya and globally. She serves on the Kenya Paediatric TB Committee of Experts, a member of the International Union of Lung Health and the WHO Child and Adolescent TB subgroup, providing technical expertise in policy development and advocacy for improved care for lung health.
Adam Penn-Nicholson
Adam Penn-Nicholson
Deputy Director of the TB Programme at FIND. His career spans many aspects of diagnostics and immunology, with strong scientific training in TB, HIV and emerging infectious diseases. Adam oversees several multi-center diagnostic accuracy studies for novel TB diagnostics to generate high-quality evidence for policy evaluations, and leads on technology selection behind many of these projects. He brings considerable experience in technical, quality, training and grant/project management aspects of conducting clinical research in a low-income settings, and has a passion for clinical and translational research. 
Christophe Perrin
Christophe Perrin
French pharmacist with a MSc in Public Health. He has worked in clinical research for more than 10 years, before working for several humanitarian organisations. Since 2005, he has focused on the challenges that affect the supply of quality-assured medicines in limited-resource countries, as well as access to affordable treatment, and innovation for infectious diseases and non-communicable ones. After working as Pharmaceutical Coordinator of MSF Access Campaign, he is a consultant with MSF on advocacy to access to Tuberculosis medicines since January 2016. 
Harry Petrushkin
Harry Petrushkin

Mr Petrushkin has a degree in medicine from the University of Cambridge, an MBBS in Medicine from King's College London and a PhD in Immunogenetics from Queen Mary University of London.

He has worked alongside leading professionals at the Francis Proctor Eye Institute in San Francisco(CA), the Casey Eye Institute in Portland (OR) and the Massachusetts Eye Research and Surgery Institute, Boston, (MA) before starting as a consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in 2017.

Mr Petrushkin has a specialist interest in ocular tuberculosis and has contributed to both regional and national guidance on investigation and management of the disease. He also has an interest in animal models of ocular tuberculosis and his work on bovine ocular tuberculosis in based in the University of Edinburgh with Prof Jane Hope, a bovine tuberculosis immunologist.

Prof Nicole Ritz
Nicole Ritz

Professor of Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases, head of Pediatrics at Lucerne's Children’s Hospital and directing the Mycobacterial and Migrant Health Research Lab at Basel's University Children's Hospital. Nicole obtained here MD from the University of Berne, trained in Switzerland, South Africa and Australia. Nicole's PhD at the University of Melbourne dived into the history and world of BCG vaccine strains, proving their significance. Back in Switzerland, she continued her dual role as a clinician-scientist, establishing the Mycobacterial and Migrant Health Research Lab researching child-friendly tuberculosis diagnostics. She has authored over 150 publications focusing on childhood TB, migrant health, and infectious disease biomarkers. Nicole's latest mission is the Center of Child Health Analytics (CCHA) at Lucerne's Children’s Hospital, dedicated to transforming routine data into applied knowledge to improve paediatric health and well-being. Beyond her professional pursuits, she finds joy and inspiration in art, exploring museums and nature.

Begoña Santiago
Begoña Santiago

Paediatrician and specialist in Infectious Diseases, working at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid. In 2016 she obtained a PhD in pediatric TB Epidemiology. She coordinates the Spanish Pediatric TB Study Network (pTBred) and the Biobank of this network. Since 2017 she has been a member Steering Committee of the Paediatric Tuberculosis Network European Trialsgroup (ptbnet), as its database officer. She is involved in studies to improve the diagnosis of paediatric TB, together with researchers from other disciplines, such as immunology, molecular biology, metagenomics and metabolomics.

Prof H Simon Schaaf
H. Simon Schaaf

Prof . H. Simon Schaaf is Emeritus Professor and principal researcher in the Desmond Tutu TB Centre, Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, Stellenbosch University. He remains an active clinician, with the emphasis of his clinical work and research on childhood tuberculosis with special focus on TB diagnosis, drug-resistant TB and antituberculosis drug pharmacokinetics in children.

James Seldon
James Seldon

Professor of Global Child Health at Imperial College London, an Associate Professor at Stellenbosch University, and a Consultant in Paediatric Infectious Diseases at St. Mary’s Hospital in London. His research focusses on children with TB, including TB diagnostics, TB therapeutics, advanced imaging for child TB, drug-resistant TB, TB meningitis, adolescent TB, TB burden modelling and the evaluation of TB biomarkers. James studied medicine at Cambridge University and Imperial College London and has trained in paediatric infectious diseases at centres of excellence in the United Kingdom, with extensive clinical experience in low resource settings. He is chronically sleep-deprived as he has three young children

Delane Shingana
Delane Shingadia
Consultant in Paediatric Infectious Diseases at Great Ormond Street Hospital and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Child Health.  He has served as  president of ESPID from 2019-22. Dr Shingadia has interest in a variety of paediatric infectious diseases, including mycobacterial infection and tropical infections, having served on national committees and guideline development groups in these areas
Marc Tebruegge
Marc Tebruegge

Consultant in Paediatric Infectious Diseases & Immunology based at the Austrian National Reference Centre for Paediatric Tuberculosis (Klinik Ottakring, Vienna), an honorary Associate Professor in Paediatric Infectious Diseases at the Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, University College London and a Clinical Senior Lecturer in the Department of Paediatrics at the University of Melbourne. His main research interests are TB diagnostics and non-tuberculous mycobacterial (NTM) infections. He is currently the elected Research Officer of the Paediatric Tuberculosis Network European Trials Group (ptbnet), and has led several multi-centre studies for this network. He is serving on the Editorial Boards of several journals, including PLoS ONE, Frontiers in Pediatrics, and the Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal. He has authored more than 150 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters, mainly on TB and NTM infections.

Cris Vilaplana
Cristina Vilaplana

Physician, specialist in microbiology and parasitology, working as the Head of the Experimental Tuberculosis Unit of the Microbiology Dept. in the Germans Trias i Pujol Foundation and Hospital (IGTP-HUGTIP).

With 10 years-experience in design and evaluation of new therapeutic strategies against infectious diseases, both in experimental animal models and in clinical studies and trials, she currently leads the SMA-TB H2020-funded project (, and coordinates the TB Management Plan for the Northern Barcelona Metropolitan and Maresme Area of the Catalan Health Institute (ICS).


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