Otorrinolaringología Pediátrica

Endoscopic pediatric ent course Barcelona (DARE-BCN)

750 €

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This highly interactive and specialized course is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of pediatric otorhinolaryngology and the current trends in endoscopic surgery. The course is a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills development, offering live surgery sessions and an optional endonasal surgery simulation course.

The curriculum is structured to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively perform and adapt to the innovative techniques of pediatric endoscopic surgery in otorhinolaryngology. The course will focus on the latest advancements, surgical techniques, and post-operative management while ensuring the highest level of patient safety and care.

Join us in this innovative journey to refine your skills and stay at the forefront of pediatric endoscopic surgery in otorhinolaryngology.

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This course is recommended for:

  • Otolaryngologists.
  • Pediatric surgeons.
  • And other healthcare professionals interested in expanding their knowledge and skills in pediatric otorhinolaryngology and endoscopic surgery.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the latest advancements and techniques in pediatric endoscopic otorhinolaryngologic surgery.
  • Perform endoscopic procedures with increased confidence and precision.
  • Make informed intraoperative decisions, considering the best practices for patient safety and care.
  • Effectively handle post-operative management and follow-up in pediatric cases.
  • Optionally, execute endonasal surgical procedures using a surgical simulator, enhancing their practical skills and readiness for real-world scenarios


18th November 2024 - Laryngology

  1. Essentials for starting in endoscopic upper airway surgery.
  2. Imaging insights: pediatric laryngeal anatomy.

  3. Navigating congenital laryngeal disorders.

  4. Case presentation, indications and live surgery.

  5. Round table.
  6. Workshop.

19th November 2024 - Rhinology

  1. Getting started in endoscopic rhinosurgery.
  2. Understanding pediatric sinus anatomy and physicology.

  3. Radiological insights: pediatric sinus anatomy.

  4. Case presentation, indications and live surgery.
  5. Round table.

  6. Workshop.

20th November 2024 - Otology

  1. Getting started in endoscopic ear surgery.
  2. Understanding pediatric ear anatomy and physicology.

  3. Radiological insights: pediatric ear anatomy.

  4. Case presentation, indications and live surgery.

  5. Round table.

  6. Workshop.

We offer optional modules consisting of a hands-on training course using cutting-edge surgical simulators:

Laryngology workshop
Explore intricate laryngeal structures in a hands-on experience in diagnosing and treating diverse conditions.

Endonasal workshop
Participate in a distinctive opportunity to hone endonasal surgical techniques within a controlled environment, enhancing both your skills and confidence.

Otology workshop
Practice with advanced models that integrate accurate anatomical representations and real patient CT data, creating an environment focused on skill development and precision.

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Course Highlights:

Advanced Endoscopic Techniques: Learn the latest endoscopic techniques used in pediatric otorhinolaryngology with a focus on the practical applications and benefits for patients.

Live Surgery Sessions: Get an unparalleled insight into the operating room with live surgery demonstrations led by leading surgeons in the field. These sessions aim to provide a realistic understanding of the surgical procedures, patient management, and intraoperative decision-making.

Interactive Q&A Sessions: Engage with renowned experts during interactive Q&A sessions for a more personalized learning experience. These sessions will allow participants to discuss complex cases, clarify doubts, and share experiences.

Case Studies and Discussions: Case-based learning will be a significant part of this course, enabling participants to apply the theoretical knowledge into clinical practice.



  • Three days: €750 | One day: €450 (*) 
  • Course + 1 workshop: €1.050
  • Course + 2 workshops: €1.400
  • Course + 3 workshops: €1. 750
  • Online conference: €150 ** (exclusive LMIC)
(*)Request a code from gisela.dalmases@sjd.es, specifying the day of attendance.
(**)Request a discount code from gisela.dalmases@sjd.es, providing proof of residency in any of the listed country.

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Dirección Formación Hospital Sant Joan de Déu
Carrer de Santa Rosa, 39-57
08950 Esplugues de Llobregat
18/11/2024 - 20/11/2024
Conference ( 3 days)
Descargar programa18/11/2024 - 20/11/2024
Conference + 1 Workshop
Descargar programa18/11/2024 - 20/11/2024
Conference + 2 Workshops
Descargar programa18/11/2024 - 20/11/2024
Conference + 3 Workshops
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Otorrinolaringología Pediátrica
Idioma Inglés
Horas lectivas 21 h