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Comprehensive Anesthetic Management of the Child and Teenager with Mucopolysaccharidosis

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Improvement and standardization of the comprehensive anaesthetic management of the child and teenager with MPS during surgical interventions and in other situations requiring sedation.

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Anesthesiologists and pediatricians.


  • To acquire general concept son the clinical characteristics of the MPS, its clinical evolution and therapeutic management.
  • To understand the respiratory and cardiac manifestations of this group of diseases.
  • To learn a systematic pre-op evaluation more adapted for the specific characteristics of this type of patients.
  • To acquire the necessary skills to perform specific vascular procedures (i.e., cannulation) and respiratory procedures (i.e., airway management, assisted ventilation) in patients with MPS.
  • To learn different modalities of anesthesia applied to patients with MPS.
  • To understand the management of common hemodynamic and respiratory complications.
  • To acquire strategies to provide post-anesthesia care adapted to patients with MPS.


On line program - October 30th - November 29th

  1. What is MPS?
  2. Surgical procedures in MPS
  3. Airway Evaluation
  4. Ask the cardiologist
  5. Ask the pneumologist
  6. Ask the radiologist
  7. Perioperative hemodynamic management
  8. Perioperative respiratory management
  9. Anaesthesia outside the Operating Room
  10. Other issues in MPS anaesthesia

Live Training Program – November 30th 

  1. Summary and questions on MPS.
  2. Workshop 1: Difficult airway. Training with videolaringoscope and fiberoptic intubation on MPS based mannequin.
  3. Workshop 2: Central vascular access. Training in ultrasound central vascular cannulation. Tips and tricks.
  4. Workshop 3: Non-Invasive Ventilation. Practice with devices used in NIV. When and how to use it.
  5. Latest news on MPS
  6. Introduction to Simulation
  7. Simulation. Case 1
  8. Simulation. Case 2
  9. Simulation. Case 3
  10. Conclusion

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The course includes classroom training on relevant topics, combined with group discussions and workshops to improve practical skills. In addition, it incorporates high fidelity simulations to recreate scenes of high complexity anesthetic situations that exemplify real clinical situations. 


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Dirección Formación Hospital Sant Joan de Déu
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Anestesiología Pediátrica
Idioma Inglés
Horas lectivas 8h
Acreditación Accreditation requested to the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education