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5th International Pediatric and Neonatal NIV meeting

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Dear Colleagues,

After finishing our 4th NIV meeting in September 2019, nobody could imagine a pandemic waiting for us around the corner.

However, our commitment as a unique Paediatric educational event focused on promoting the use of non-invasive ventilation remains intact.

Although virtual meetings have helped keep ongoing training activities, it seems now it's time to come back safely to face to face events.

I am pleased to invite all of you to this 5th International Conference on Pediatric and Neonatal Non-invasive Ventilation will be held again in Barcelona, Spain.

This Conference, focused on NIV, will be offering the latest advances to young paediatricians, neonatologists, pediatric intensivists, pediatric pulmonologists, and pediatric and neonatal intensive care nurses/respiratory therapists

It is a multidisciplinary forum where everyone will learn from the lectures of well-known experts in this field.

In addition, true to our commitment to education, we will also offer a series of pre-congress workshops that will focus on efficient bedside issues.

We invite you to participate and make this 5th Conference on Pediatric and Neonatal Non-invasive Ventilation a high standard event and a great success. We are looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona in September 2022.

Dr. Martí Pons-Òdena

Member of the Educational Board of ESPNIC

Former Chair of the ESPNIC Respiratory Section



September, 22nd | 15:00 – 20:00 h

Option A) NIV home ventilation face-to-face workshop.

  • Theoretical background.
  • Introducing the material NIV-ventilators and interfaces.
  • Hands-on sessions: NIV in children.
  • Discussion of cases.

Patient weighing less than 5 kg. Which ventilator?

Option B) NIV acute setting workshop.

  • Theoretical background: basic concepts on NIV.
  • Introducing the material: hands-on on NIV-ventilators and interfaces.
  • Hands-on sessions: common pediatric scenarios in hospital.
  • NIV common pediatric scenarios in hospital.
  • Common pediatric scenarios in hospital.
  • Asynchrony in non-invasive ventilation.


September, 23rd | 09:00 – 17:00 h

  • Respiratory support in bronchiolitis patients: from the general ward to the PICU.
    • Use of HFNC in the general ward.
    • Use of HFNC/CPAP in the HDU.
    • Use of CPAP in a optimized nurse-patient ratio general ward.
    • Using the appropriate support during the transport.
  • Ancillary treatments and non-invasive ventilation.
    • Nebulization in patients on HFNC and NIV role of prone position in bronchiolitis patient.
  • NIV in SMA type I in the nursinersen era.
    • Use of NIV in SMA: past and future our experience in HSJD .
    • Sleep studies: monitoring and titration.
  • Transitioning tracheostomy to non-invasive ventilation.
    • Central congenital hypoventilation syndrome: when and How to transition to NIV?
    • Bronchopulmonary dysplasia: when and How to transition to NIV?
  • NIV in palliative care.
    • Experience in the acute setting HSJD.
    • Experience in home ventilation. 
    • Experience from France.
September, 24th | 09:00 – 13:30 h
  • NIV and sedation.
    • Non-pharmacologic strategies.
    • Management in the NICU/PICU.
  • Weaning of non-invasive ventilation.
    • Is the weaning of NIV increasing the length of stay in the PICU?
    • Do we need the HFNC in the weaning process?
    • Nurse driven protocol. Our experience in HSJD.
    • Identifying patients who do not need anymore NIV.
  • Monitoring in the acute setting.
    • Chest physiotherapy: monitoring with electric impedance tomography.
    • ROX index: should we apply it in the pediatrics?
    • When to stop NIV: something new in the horizon?

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  • Pre-conference Workshops + Conference: 300 €
  • Only Conferences:
    • 250 € In-person day.
    • 200 € Streaming day.
    • 100 € Streaming for LMIC. (*)
(*) A reduced rate applies for the listed countries. Request a discount code from, providing proof of residency in any of the listed country.

Confirmed International speakers:

  • Mrs. Donna Franklin (Australia).
  • Dr. Andreas Schibler (Australia).
  • Dr. Florent Baudin (France).
  • Dr. Christóphe Milési (France).
  • Dr. Juan Mayordomo (Spain).
  • Mr. Guillaume Emeriaud (Canada).
  • Dr Ha Trang (France).
  • Dr Vicent Modesto (Spain).
  • Dr Roberin Khemani (USA).
  • Dr Renato Cutrera (Italy).

Confirmed local speakers:

  • Dr. Martí Pons-Òdena.
  • Dr. Roi Campos.
  • Mrs. Raquel Arroni.
  • Mr. Wooi Tan.

Información clave

Dirección Formación Hospital Sant Joan de Déu
Carrer de Santa Rosa, 39-57
08950 Esplugues de Llobregat
Barcelona [ver mapa]
22/09/2022 - 24/09/2022
Option 1: Workshops + Conferences | 300 €
Descargar programa23/09/2022 - 24/09/2022
Option 2: Only Conference ( In-person seminar) | 250 €
23/09/2022 - 24/09/2022
Option 3: Only Conferences ( Streaming day ) | 200 €
Cuidados Intensivos Pediátricos
Idioma Inglés
Horas lectivas 17,5 h