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5th International Paediatric and Neonatal NIV meeting

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Dear Colleagues,

After finishing our 4th NIV meeting in September 2019, nobody could imagine a pandemic was waiting for us around the corner.

Uncertainty has become the rule, and there is no clear horizon for the face to face meeting to come back.

However, our commitment as a unique Paediatric educational event focused on promoting the use of non-invasive ventilation remains intact.

It is my pleasure to invite all of you to this 5th International Paediatric and Neonatal NIV meeting, our first virtual NIV meeting.

This meeting will offer a series of webinars covering both acute and home ventilation settings run by well-known experts in the field.

Interactive workshops are also planned to facilitate the achievement of the skills for those in the early phase of their learning curve.

We are looking forward to meeting you online next March!



March 16th

  • NIV in the acute setting online workshop.

March 17th

  • NIV home ventilation online workshop.


March 18th

  • NIV in SMA type I in the nursinersen era.
    • Use of NIV in SMA: past and future.
    • Our experience in HSJD.
    • Sleep studies: monitoring and titration.
  • Transitioning tracheostomy to non invasive ventilation.
    • Central congenital hypoventilation syndrome: when and how to transition to NIV.
    • Bronchopulmonary dysplasia: when and How to transition to NIV?

March 24th

  • Respiratory support in bronchiolitis patients from the general ward to the PICU.
    • Use of HFNC in the general ward.
    • Use of HFNC/CPAP in the HDU.
    • Use of CPAP in a optimized nurse patient ratio general ward.
    • Using the appropriate support during the transport.
  • Ancillary treatments and non invasive ventilation.
    • Nebulization in patients on HFNC and NIV.
    • Role of prone position in bronchiolitis patient.
    • Chest physiotherapy: chief of Respiratory Care?

March 31st

  • NIV in palliative care.
    • Experience in the acute setting HSJD.
    • Experience in home ventilation.
    • Experience from France.
  • NIV and sedation.
    • Non pharmacologic strategies.
    • Management in the NICU/PICU.
    • Management in the operating room.

April 7th

  • Weaning of non invasive ventilation.
    • Is the weaning of NIV increasing the length of stay in the PICU?
    • Do we need the HFNC in the weaning process?
    • Nurse driven protocol. Our experience in HSJD.
    • Identifying patients who do not need anymore NIV.
  • Monitoring in the acutte setting.
    • ROX index: should we apply it in the paediatrics?
    • When to stop NIV: something new in the horizon?

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  • The webinar will be delivered via zoom.
  • The link will be sent by email 24 hours in advance.

Confirmed International speakers:

  • Dr Christóphe Milési (France).
  • Dr Ha Trang (France).
  • Dr. Florent Baudin (France).
  • Dr Renato Cutrera (Italy).
  • Dr Robinder Khemani (USA).
  • Dr Vicent Modesto (Spain).
  • Dr Juan Mayordomo (Spain).

Confirmed local speakers:

  • Dr Martí Pons-Òdena.
  • Dr Roi Campos.
  • Mrs Raquel Arroni.
  • Mr Wooi Tan.

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