How to read a Paper using Common Sense and AI

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Reading the scientific literature is one of the most common tasks we have to do as scientists - however, most of us rarely receive training on how to do this important task. The goal of this workshop is to help participants tackle this challenge in a more scientific way - with processes and appropriate tools to help gather, manage, and extract scientific evidence from the literature. In this workshop, we will review key competencies and good practices for approaching this task in a more systematic way. We will explore the growing offering of AI tools that we can use to speed up and automate different parts of the process. 

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This workshop is designed for junior researchers at MSc. or 1st year PhD level.


  • Establishing your workflow.
  • The basics: finding and managing the information.
  • Extracting information from the literature in a systematic way.
  • Supercharge: Using AI tools to get things done.


This is an interactive workshop with extensive elements of partner work, exercises, group discussion. We use innovative training methods and proven didactic techniques, and place special emphasis on sharing and learning from the participants’ own expertise and experience. To increase impact and applicability, we work with real-life cases from the participants whenever possible. We may ask participants to reserve time for individual preparatory work before the workshop.

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19/03/2024 - 19/03/2024
09.30-17.30 each day
Idioma Inglés
Horas lectivas 8 h