The priority objective of the Training Program is to perfect the qualifications and professional skills necessary to carry out translational research and excellence in the research lines prioritized by the IRSJD, and in Innovation.

We are committed to talent and the development of human capital and, with this objective, the 2019-2022 strategic plan includes several lines of work aimed at strengthening the training of research staff.

On the other hand, our commitment to the "HR Excellence in Research" recognition ensures compliance with the principles of the European Charter for researchers, and in this sense, the development of talent through training is of special relevance.

In addition, at the general context level, researchers also need to develop a series of skills that allow them to adapt to a flexible work environment (inside or outside our Institution). In this scenario, the development of generic and transferable skills also takes on special relevance.

This training plan is complemented with seminars and training activities carried out by the different institutions that make up the Sant Joan de Déu Research Institute.

04 oct 22

1 place

Aplicaciones biomédicas de la PCR digital

17 oct 22 18 oct 22

1 place

Critical Reasoning and Logic

21 oct 22 28 oct 22

6 places

Getting the right person for your team

31 oct 22 11 nov 22

50 places

Professional AI

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21 Feb 22

Seminarios ofrecidos por la biblioteca Sant Joan de Déu

Consulta el programa de seminarios de la biblioteca para el año 2022.

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26 Jan 22

Plan formativo 2022 para investigadores e investigadoras

Consulta el programa y el calendario para el año 2022

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