As specialists in comprehensive paediatric care for children suffering from multiple pathologies, we collaborate with all of SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital’s units and departments. We specialise in treating complex cases whether as inpatients or outpatients. We have a team of professionals dedicated specifically to children with chronic diseases or those dependent on state-of-the-art technology. Our training programme includes course for paediatricians from all paediatric specialities.

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Perfeccionamiento en neonatología | WEBCASTING

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Tratamiento de la Hipoacusia Infantil. Tratamiento médico y protésico

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Técnicas de depuración extrarrenal continua en el niño crítico

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Tratamiento quirúrgico de la hipoacusia infantil

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07 May 19

La práctica de mindfulness resulta beneficiosa para el tratamiento de los niños con TDAH

Consulta el informe FAROS del Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona sobre mindfulness y TDAH

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25 Mar 19

La importancia de la farmacovigilancia en pacientes con artritis idiopática juvenil

Comentado por Jordi Antón López, reumatólogo pediátrico del Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona.

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