Paediatric Anaesthesiology

PediVAD. Vía aérea difícil en pediatría




In this brief yet crucial training, we will address the challenges that healthcare professionals face when managing the airway in pediatric patients. We will explore updated techniques and strategies for a safe and effective approach, ensuring optimal medical care.

Let's begin this important learning journey together!

Aimed at

  • Anesthesiologists and anesthesia residents interested in pediatric airway management. 

  • Pediatricians in the fields of ICU, emergency medicine, and transportation.


  • Understanding the anatomical and physiological peculiarities of the airway in pediatric patients with a difficult airway and how these affect its management. 

  • Improving techniques and updated approaches for safe and effective intubation and oxygenation in difficult airway situations in pediatric patients. Identifying and assessing the most common causes of difficult airways in pediatrics. 

  • Promoting effective communication and coordination within the team for successful management of difficult airways in pediatric patients. 

  • Enhancing decision-making and problem-solving skills in critical situations, ensuring optimal care for pediatric patients with difficult airways.


  1. Pediatric Airway and Difficult Airway Algorithms. 

  2. Pediatric Equipment and Basic Materials. 

  3. When to Be Alert: Does My Patient Have a Difficult Airway-Associated Syndrome? 

  4. This Child is Uncooperative... Anesthetic Techniques for Dealing with a Difficult Airway in pediatrics. 

  5. Non-Technical Skills in the Operating Room. Is Briefing Important? 

  6. Workshop 1. Ventilation and Optimization of Classic Intubation Techniques. 

  7. Workshop 2. Videolaryngoscopes. 

  8. Workshop 3. Videofibroscopes and Simulators. 

  9. Workshop 4. Airway Ultrasound and Cricothyroid Membrane Localization. 

  10. Introduction to Simulation. 

  11. Scenario 1. 

  12. Scenario 2. 

  13. Scenario 3. 

  14. Conclusions and Course Closure.

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Key information

29/11/2024 - 29/11/2024
8:30 - 18:30 h
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Paediatric Anaesthesiology
Language Spanish
Teaching hours 10 h
Accreditation Solicitada la acreditación al Consell Català de Formació Continuada Professions Sanitàries-Comisión de Formación Continuada del Sistema Nacional de Salud.