Writing Retreat | 2ª edición

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Practical, online course for working on a new scientific paper.

This course is dynamic and highly interactive. We will use the Zoom online meeting platform, which facilitates discussion and small-group work using the breakout room function. This course is for participants who are in the process of writing a scientific article for publication.

This workshop takes a practical, hands-on approach to writing a new article. Through a series of exercises that break writing down into small steps, participants will make concrete progress on their article during the session. Participants can start from a set of analyzed data, a conference paper, or a partial draft.

Aimed at

Recommended for researchers at any level who are in the process of writing a new paper for publication. (This course will not be very helpful if you are just beginning a new project, don’t have analyzed data yet, and/or aren’t ready to write. It will also not be very helpful if you have a nearly finished draft or a revise & resubmit).


  • Define clear individual writing objectives for the session and beyond.
  • Understand the main blocks to writing and how to overcome them.
  • Complete a series of writing activities that will generate text for their articles.
  • Engage in peer feedback and group discussion.

Key information

Language English
Teaching hours 5 h